I need better friends.

This seems different from when I was a kid...


This is my little nephew, Leo - Making headlines already.

It's official - TUNDRA is an international sensation!

My Dad with his poodle Abby

Me back in my college days.

Although hiking in the back country can be filled with beauty and grandeur, it can also be filled with danger. It is a good idea to be able to determine when a bear may be in your vicinity. Below are three photos showing how to identify bear scat (feces) during different seasons throughout the year:









Me seen here with my agent, Bill Kellogg


The truth of having three kids under the same roof


This is my Mom & Dad's dog "Litty".
Don't worry, no eagles were harmed in the
making of this photograph.

One of my favorite things to do is feed the squirrels in the winter , but
I've been thinking lately that maybe I should cut back on the steroids.

 People often ask me what I did for a living before I became a cartoonist.
Who would have guessed I was a security guard at a nuclear reactor facility.
The above photo was taken of me at my boss' desk while he was away -
My boss liked Tootsie Rolls - I didn't like my boss - thus the nose decor.
Shortly after I quit my job (and long after he had eaten his Tootsie Rolls) he
received this photo in a Christmas card. Ho Ho Ho.

While driving through Denali Park (trying to come up with cartoon ideas)
I was approached by a rather aggressive hitchhiker. My brother Darin happened
to be with me and he was thoughtful enough to take a quick photo as a memento.
I'm amazed he was able to get it in focus while screaming like a 12-year-old girl.
I guess that's the mark of a true professional.

Me and my brother Darin (Official Tundra photographer) after one
of our more over-the-top wild & crazy vacations. I almost didn't put
this photo on the website because of how embarrassing it is - I mean
really, who wears black shoes and black socks?! Geeesh!

Taken for an audition of an "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" commercial.

Normally I don't like to be one of those people who
name-drops, but hey! It's Chuck E. freakin' Cheese!

One of my favorite Tundra spin-offs was when I used to do magic
shows with one of my characters (Andy the Lemming). We would tour
schools and libraries all over the state entertaining children of all ages -
That is, until the unfortunate "Flaming Rubber Chicken of Death" trick.
You'd think our school system would teach the kids to
"Stop, Drop & Roll", but NOOOOOO.

One of my brother Darin's early photos - simply titled: "Still life".

This is my buddy Mark.  He has been an important part of the creative
process in all things Tundra - not to mention a snappy dresser. I love
this photo because you can't tell the walls are padded.


My fun-loving neighbor Frank "Francis" Bodfish.
Don't let the 12-guage, killer poodles, filthy Carhart
jacket and crusty, old-man looks fool you... he's mean.

I'm always trying to put a positive spin on even
the most negative things in life. Believe it or not, this image appeared on the "NEWSWEEK" website - Honest.


My very first (and very last) romance novel.
surprisingly, not a big seller. Who knew?


Before turning to cartooning , one of my many careers
was as a  dung merchant in the Sudan.

My daughter Sarah and her friend's poster for class V.P.

The best Tundra booth accessory ever!

 My Big Brother, Darin, disguised as a tube of lipstick. Don't ask.

My buddy Dan Blair helping us film part of "MOOSE!"

More stuff is added from time-to-time so check back whenever you want to feel better about your own life.
- Chad